Our Founder


Rev. Fr. George Kochuparambil

Fr. George Kochuparambil was a Syro-Malabar Catholic priest and the founder of Preshitharam Congregation (Vakachan, later known as Fr. George Kochuparambil), was born on 20 January1906 in Thottakam, Kerala (India), as the youngest of the children. When he finished his theology, 1933 December 21 he was ordained to the priesthood. He had always the inspiration for serve the poor, he joined in 1934 the Vincentian Congregation, but the God’s plan he know, Fr. George came back to the Ernakulum diocese, to his sheep to ‘do everywhere and always what Jesus did’. Fr. George’s apostolic activities were extensive: parish priest, catechism rector (1942-1960), and Evangelisation Mission rector, in that time also he had worked among all kinds of people, educated and illiterate, poor and rich, catholic and non-catholic and non Christians. Like the Good Shepherd he was sensitive to the needs and sufferings of his flock, especially the poor. At the twilight of his life, this sensitivity persuaded to found one Congregation for continue his vision and mission.

Today also he is an extraordinary person with a special serves the poorest of the poor and who are hungry for love. And this attracted the whole people to him with out any barriers of religion. He was born and brought up in a secured family with love and spiritual care. Even from the childhood his love towards the poor was very visible and concrete throughout his life and works. His childhood background, with its experience and influences and the development and realisation of his ardent desire to serve the poorest of the poor, even in the midst of sufferings and difficulties. We will understand this fact more when we go through his wonderful life.